MASRYA ITTS is the expert source of information about the international tests that students, professionals, organizations, schools, and businesses may need. Our testing staff can help you learn what various examinations involve and guide you through all stages of the testing process, from registration to test completion and scoring.


       Testing Room Facilities

  Enclosed secure, quiet, and free from distractions area.

  Comfortably furnished                

  Well ventilated with a comfortable temperature in all seasons; controlled by air-condition

  Constant visual monitoring

       Administrators and Proctors           

  Administrators are able to handle all difficult situations.

  Administrators are skilled to deliver all paper, computer and internet-based tests

  Proctors available to monitor and provide test takers any help


  Meet the specified maximum equipment requirements

  Brand new workstations that meet the hardware higher specifications and updated regularly

  Testing rooms have access to a laser and a desk-jet color printer

  Workstations, caching and admin stations are connected through protected and secured LAN

 Workstations can connect each other through workgroups or a domain server.

 Internet connection with unlimited 4 Mb speed


Tests administered by the MASRYA on behalf of the well-recognized international organizations and institutions:


§      MASRYA ITTS is a CTAS (Certified Testing Administration Site) to deliver TOEFL iBT tests; the site codes are STN12908A and STN12908B

§      MASRYA ITTSis a Certified to deliver paper-based GRE general and Subject tests; the center number is 10249

§      MASRYA ITTS is Authorized Testing Center to deliver iTEP tests

§      MASRYA ITTS is an IQ Center to deliver all Certiport tests; the site ID is 90023953

§      MASRYA ITTS  is an Authorized Prometric Testing Center delivering all Prometric IT tests; the site code is EG156