Training is an Industry

The global education and Training Industry is going through a period of rapid development. Market expansion is being fuelled by demand for test preparation, e-learning and foreign education. Due to globalization and a rising level of private participation, customers availing of education and training services are demanding high-value education services.

 Widespread adoption of internet means that e-education continues to record strong growth and still holds significant exploitable potential. The trend towards studying outside of one’s home country remains a solid driver of market growth, despite difficulties caused by the economic recession. Growing awareness in emerging markets is also contributing to demand, and these markets hold significant growth potential.

As a business, Training Industry creates a trusted and thought-provoking environment for business and educational professionals to interact and gather information about the training industry.

Our Training Industry has worked to bring top industry subject matter experts together in one place to experience the “best of the best”. Our bloggers are focused on providing useful information and unique insight surrounding today’s challenges and success stories.

Our Training Industry has partnered with private companies to help our members search for jobs, find help in updating resumes, receive interview tips, and more. 

Training is an Art

What is it that enables some people to venture beyond traditional perspectives and practices to pioneer new methods and achieve new levels of performance? Some people just have a propensity for functioning at levels beyond many other people’s comfort zones or abilities. When you consider the areas we have come to call “the arts,” you find painters, sculptors, musicians, and even sports figures, etc., all practicing their craft at levels beyond the limits of us mortals. These are the people with talent, insights and skills that allow them to perform at extraordinary levels and earn them the status, or reputation, of artists.