Dr. Tarek Nofal

Tarek Nofal grows with lessons “work hard”, “never lie”, “no excuses”, and always “see the rose in the vase not the dust on the table” and do not say, “I can’t”. Accordingly, when life gave me a stone, I used it to build up.

Born on March 27, 1964, grew up in Sohag, Egypt with four brothers and a sister, Tarek is the eldest son of a great father; Dr. Houssien Sabry Nofal. Tarek attended public schools in Sohag and Alexandria in Egypt and continued the preparatory and secondary schools in Jizan and Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.

In 1987, Tarek graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Alexandria University to start working as Branch Sales Manger, Area Sales Manager, National Sales and Marketing Director for the market leaders in the pharmaceutical distribution field. He met the challenges to work Deputy General Manager, General Manager and Commercial Consultant for top Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics production companies that are over continuous 17 years of hard work and proven records of success.

 Tarek’s first real business opportunity came when he accepted condolences over the death of his father in July 23rd. 2000 to turn his father’s dream on to reality through starting-up a reputable project providing a valuable service to our people in Sohag. MASRYA, an organization began in the fourth quarter of year 2000 guided by a belief that the computer would be a valuable tool on every office desktop and in every home as well as developing the foreign languages skills would be a valuable tool to find jobs.

Under Tarek’s leadership, MASRYA’s mission has been to continually advance and improve educational industry, and to make learning easier, more cost-effective and more enjoyable. The company is committed to a long-term view, reflected in its industry-leading investment in development each year. In addition to his interest in educational services providence, Tarek founded Pharma Swift Company in 2003, which is a digital archive of arts of Pharmaceuticals and Para-Pharmaceuticals industry. Pharma Swift collaborated with a group of investors having new products and looking for sales, marketing, promotion and distribution rigid plans. In 2004, Dr. Nofal and a group of professionals established Armada Egypt Company. They started the business by hammering the concept of natural products use for healthy life and substituting the synthetic components in food, drugs, clothes, and cosmetics. Pharma Team is a department in Armada Egypt to help companies in screening, selecting, coaching their sales force, and had demonstrated a new model of outsourcing the sales department completely. Both Pharma Swift and Armada Egypt based in Cairo. SMART CLINICS in Sohag was the effective return to home. Tarek started his project to re-implement ethics in medical profession and hospital management.

Tarek was married on Dec. 29, 1988, to the pharmacist Dr. Sanaa El Esily. They have one son and three daughters; Mohamed, Nada, Noha, and Hana.

He is well read, well traveled and well exposed to current global and local affairs.