SMART CLINICS plays an important role in the process of analyzing of the existing hospital systems and system needs, of designing and selecting the more advanced system to meet those needs, and of the implementation and ultimate evaluation of those systems brings the work of deployment of medical administration full cycle. In healthcare, this process is complicated by the large and complex array of providers and possibilities in clinical administration, diagnosis and treatment, follow-up and of data analysis and reporting.

Whether speeding up the fulfillment of prescriptions, or improving the most frequently used HR and Administrative processes, Smart Clinics’ business process management experience has proven success among healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical companies and clinic operators.

Process Automation & HITECH Opportunity

By implementing Smart Clinics healthcare and pharmaceutical BPM workflows, many hospitals, insurance companies, and health related organizations have automated key business processes. This has allowed them to realize benefits for patients, partners, employees and shareholders. Some of these benefits include:

·         Increased patient care by reducing administrative workload

·         Increased productivity among hospital staff

·         Achieve operational efficiently with Lean Six Sigma methodologies

·         Process verification for important procedures and checkpoints

·         Complete compliance and documentation

·         Better visibility into processes for management and optimization

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is designed to improve the quality of process outputs by finding and removing the causes of errors and variation (inconsistency) within your business processes, particularly in the manufacturing and business sectors. This allows businesses to ensure efficiency in their procedures, decrease cycle times and improve customer service. The approach has two key principles:

1.    Delight your customers with speed and quality.

2.    Improve business process flow and speed.

Strength and power are gained through this precise and detailed approach of gathering and analyzing data. Emphasis is placed on the idea that process speed is directly tied to excellence. Even the most minor opportunities for process improvement are detected and acted upon, enabling organizations to reach their highest levels of performance. Originally developed as a set of practices designed to improve manufacturing with lean tools, it now extends into other types of business processes as well. This lean solution accentuates several beliefs including:

·         The ability to achieve – and continuous effort to maintain – stable, foreseeable process outcomes and high levels of quality is essential to the success of the business.

·         All workflows and business processes have qualities that can be measured, analyzed, improved and controlled.

·         Sustainable competitive advantages and process improvement initiatives require a company-wide commitment to solution adoption.